eLearning Development

We partner with institutions to design and develop online courses and interactive eLearning modules for K12, higher education, and corporate audiences.

Deep Experience

Our project leads, instructional designers, and production team partner with subject matter experts to apply learning theory and use the latest authoring tools to design and build online courses and eLearning modules for use in a variety of learning management systems.

    Program Design

    Instructional designers partner with key stakeholders to design cohesive programs that achieve desired outcomes and incorporate all necessary objectives.

    Course Design

    Instructional designers partner with key stakeholders to design courses that align to program objectives and fit together in an engaging and meaningful way.

    Course Development

    Modeled on the ADDIE framework, instructional designers partner with subject matter experts and production staff to build courses that can be used in any LMS.

    Authoring Tools

    A variety of cutting edge tools are used including Adobe Captivate 9, Articulate Storyline 360, Adobe Audition, and Adobe Illustrator.


    Interactive Modules

    Engaging, interactive modules at any level of complexity. From Level 1 with basic interactivity, to Level 2 that includes branching, to advanced on-screen interactivity in Level 3 modules.

    Media Assets

    Any assets needed to complement online courses, such as UI templates, voiceover, animated videos, screencasts, or podcasts.

    STEM Sample

    This module teaches learners an introductory Computer Science topic, merge sort. The module is designed with a gamification approach and learners are guided through the interaction by a custom-developed avatar.

    Humanities Sample

    This module is designed based on Horton’s theory of Absorb, Do, Connect. It walks learners through the writing process by providing content, opportunities to practice, and apply what they learned through writing an essay.

    Accounting Sample

    This module is designed for an introductory accounting course, providing a small business scenario to help apply learning. There are multiple opportunities for learner interaction, including reflective response.

    Free Handout

    What does the ID and SME collaboration look like in eLearning course development? The SME and the instructional designer begin their collaboration early on by determining the needs of the learner and the learner’s characteristics. Download this handout to learn more about how A Pass IDs partner with SMEs.

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