What We Do

We have designed instruction, created both face-to-face and online courses, written assessment items, both low- and high-stakes, localized content for the U.S. market, developed illustrations and layouts, and more.

Assessment Writing

Teachers, principals, districts, and governments rely on test results to better understand how education is working and how it’s impacting students lives. This is why we have highly qualified writers, artists and developmental editors collaborating to create assessments that meet the highest standards of alignment, accuracy, and sensitivity.

Course Development

We believe that the first step of many successful projects is a high-quality storyboard. Our storyboards are developed through collaborative efforts between subject matter experts, instructional designers, and writers. Of course, we are always happy to include our clients in the collaborative effort, as you deem appropriate.

Learning Resources

Our team of experienced educators develop complete, organized and effective lesson plans designed specifically to your teaching style, objectives and goals. Our lesson plans provide useful tools for instructors preparing for class time, including detailing of educational goals, teacher scripts, time management, and learning materials.

World Languages & Translation

Our translation team has the experience and expertise to recognize even the subtlest nuances of your chosen language.

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