We partner with publishers, K-12 schools, institutions of higher education, corporations, associations, and other educational/training stakeholders to provide customized, high-quality content.

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Assessment Design

Multiple choice, short answer, extended response, technology enhanced, performance based, and more

eLearning Development

Our experienced content department has the capability to design and develop engaging eLearning.


Mapping, correlations, learning objectives, scope and sequence, and curriculum design and development

Instructional Design

We work with you to develop content that effectively moves your students through the learning process.  

Course Solutions

Materials and resources for face-to-face or online, short or long, competency-based or seat-time based

Subject Matter Experts

Our experts have both practical and theoretical knowledge in every subject from accounting to zoology.

Years in Business

Projects Completed

Qualified Contractors

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We partner with publishers, school districts, and institutions of higher education to provide customized educational content development and efficient project management.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Everything looks great! …Thanks to all of you for your hard work, patience and expertise.  I truly enjoyed the opportunity to work with you all to develop this stellar product. I am excited to know that the MCESC already has the first customer in line.  I am hopeful that our paths cross in the future.”

Sandi Preiss

Coordinator of Dayton Regional STEM Center, Montgomery County, OH

“The work quality was great…and did display a solid understanding of what we were aiming to achieve even without having experienced a slice of the end user experience. [Our contact at A Pass] was terrific. He was exceptionally responsive and asked all the right questions. On top of that, he did not hesitate to make recommendations where he thought that necessary. It felt like having a great partner instead of us just being a client.”

Kate Gallo Reilly

Sr. Product Developer, E-Line Media/Historia

“…[A Pass] met and exceeded my expectations after we discussed what I hoped for and the goals I was interested in achieving. I wished to differentiate my book and the lessons it offered for students from other Holocaust education literature I found as it related to displaced persons and I wished for it to become meaningful and relevant in today’s world…”

Joanie Schirm

Author, Adventurers Against their Will

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Latest on the Blog

The Importance of Designing eLearning Courses For Different Generations in Higher Ed

There’s lots of chatter about creating eLearning courses for different generations in Higher Ed. Let’s start by saying that there is no question that students of different generations learn, think, and connect differently.

7 Reasons Why Publishers Should Revamp Legacy eLearning Courses

So much content. So many lessons learned. Here are seven reasons why revamping legacy eLearning courses is a surprisingly good idea. Course authors know the world has changed a lot since eLearning…

The Importance of K-12 High-Quality Instructional Materials

High-quality materials (HQIM) take time to create. Besides that, well-designed HQIM materials stand the test of time. Teachers stick with what they know works. Likewise, publishers who create HQIM get the following…

Why K-12 Publishers Should Offer Mobile-First Digital Learning Content

K-12 publishers should offer mobile-first digital learning because it works. What is it? Mobile-first is when course authors start with the smallest screen and work their way up. Why is this the best way for publishers to go? Why is it worth the effort for a publisher to retool their design process?

5 Tips to Overcoming Testing Barriers in Education’s Digital Transition

This past year educators had to solve how to teach students online. Publishers rose to meet the testing challenges. Still, educators continue to struggle with testing obstacles. Here are tips for publishers to use to beat these testing barriers. 

Difference Between SMEs and Course Authors

Why can’t the subject matter expert just write the course? Why would anyone hire a course author?
Course authors bring valuable skills to a project. Besides that, course experts identify what is the correct delivery method for the audience. This skill alone could pay back those who hire a course author. Yet, the difference between SMEs and course authors gets overshadowed by the budget.

Will Online Learning for Higher Ed Stay after the Pandemic Is Over?

Online learning is here to stay.  In the 1990’s eLearning started to take off in the corporate world.  At the time, eLearning was met with skepticism. Instructors feared being replaced by online courses. Learners did not like online learning. Still, despite the negative rap, online learning survived. Why? The benefits outweigh the dislikes.  Here are five reasons why online learning is here to stay after the pandemic. 

4 Major Disadvantages Universities Face When Launching Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

MOOCs have many advantages, in particular during these times of remote learning. Yet, savvy institutions do not ignore the drawbacks of these courses. Still, the benefits for creating MOOCs offers the university additional revenue streams.

A Pass News

A Pass Educational Group, LLC Purchased Victory Productions
A Pass Educational Group, LLC Purchased Victory Productions

Greater Capacity with Complementary Content Development ServicesA Pass Educational Group, LLC (A Pass), a national leader in custom education content development, has acquired Victory Productions, another leading content development house for learning companies and...

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Meet Our Executive Team

Our relationship-centered, client-focused approach to every interaction results in responsive, long-term, positive partnerships.



Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Andy says the wisest thing he has done as CEO is to hire people smarter than he is to work closest to him. In his free time, he loves to go on cruises with his partner Debbie.



Chief Operating Officer

A life-long learner and still a teacher at heart, Lynsey lives and breathes all things education. She also likes to devour books, explore new places, and cook up interesting recipes.



VP of Business Development

Pauline is passionate about improving the world through education, being in nature, hanging with her kids, and making music. When you are ready to partner with us, call Pauline.



VP of Finance & Administration

Sara makes sure our finances are in order. When she isn’t working in spreadsheets, accounting software, and managing cash she is spending time with her three children and husband.



Vice President of Content Development

Regan seeks to learn and feel inspired by the world.  She particularly loves the beauty of mathematics.  She also enjoys listening to the radio while cooking dinner for her family.

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