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We partner with institutions of higher education as well as publishers and providers of K12 materials to develop your educational products and programs.

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We partner with publishers, school districts, and institutions of higher education to provide customized educational content development and efficient project management.

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“Everything looks great! …Thanks to all of you for your hard work, patience and expertise.  I truly enjoyed the opportunity to work with you all to develop this stellar product. I am excited to know that the MCESC already has the first customer in line.  I am hopeful that our paths cross in the future.”

Sandi Preiss

Coordinator of Dayton Regional STEM Center, Montgomery County, OH

“The work quality was great…and did display a solid understanding of what we were aiming to achieve even without having experienced a slice of the end user experience. [Our contact at A Pass] was terrific. He was exceptionally responsive and asked all the right questions. On top of that, he did not hesitate to make recommendations where he thought that necessary. It felt like having a great partner instead of us just being a client.”

Kate Gallo Reilly

Sr. Product Developer, E-Line Media/Historia

“…[A Pass] met and exceeded my expectations after we discussed what I hoped for and the goals I was interested in achieving. I wished to differentiate my book and the lessons it offered for students from other Holocaust education literature I found as it related to displaced persons and I wished for it to become meaningful and relevant in today’s world…”

Joanie Schirm

Author, Adventurers Against their Will

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Reimagining Content Development: The Power of Outsourcing

In the dynamic world of educational content development, ensuring top-notch content while balancing costs is paramount. The classic debate of in-house versus outsourcing often boils down to a simple equation of expenses. However, outsourcing content development is a transformative strategy that offers a plethora of benefits beyond just cost savings. Let’s explore why outsourcing is a game-changer, with a focus on time efficiency, access to talent, and scalable volume.

Harnessing the Power of AI in Modern Education

In today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a distant dream but a burgeoning reality. Across classrooms worldwide, educators and institutions are embracing AI to reimagine the way we impart and absorb knowledge.

Transformative Education: From Learning About to Becoming

In the ever-evolving world of education, the most effective methods of teaching and learning are those that transcend traditional boundaries. Our mission is to transform the landscape of learning, moving beyond the traditional ‘learning about’ to a profound ‘becoming.’

Utilizing the Science of Reading in Content Development

Reading is the cornerstone of education and an essential skill that opens the doors to knowledge, imagination, and lifelong learning. As educators and content developers, it is crucial to understand the science of reading to create effective and engaging materials that foster strong literacy skills in learners.

Harnessing the Power of Learner Motivation: Strategies for Publishers to Inspire and Engage Students

It is our mission to inspire and engage learners through innovative curriculum development. In this blog post, we share valuable strategies for publishers, like you, to harness the power of learner motivation and create impactful educational materials.

Breaking Down the Steps of Curriculum Development: From Idea to Implementation

Curriculum development is the backbone of education, laying the groundwork for successful teaching and meaningful learning experiences. It involves meticulous planning, thoughtful design, and strategic implementation to meet the diverse needs of students. In this enlightening blog post, we’ll embark on a journey through the key steps of curriculum development.

Unlocking Student Potential: The Art of Effective Assessment Writing

Assessments play a crucial role in education, providing valuable insights into students’ knowledge, understanding, and progress. But what separates an ordinary assessment from an exceptional one? It’s the art of effective assessment writing. At A Pass Educational Group, we understand that assessments are not just tests; they are powerful tools that can unlock student potential and drive meaningful learning outcomes.

Engagement Trends: What Learners Really Find Meaningful

Engagement is the heart of effective learning experiences. It’s the spark that ignites curiosity, fuels critical thinking, and empowers learners to explore and discover. In the ever-changing landscape of education, capturing and holding learners’ attention is essential. But it’s not just about flashy tactics—it’s about creating immersive and meaningful experiences that resonate.

A Pass News

Steve Gibson Appointed New Vice President of Content Development for A Pass Educational Group
Steve Gibson Appointed New Vice President of Content Development for A Pass Educational Group

ass Educational Group, LLC, a leader in designing instruction, creating assessments, and building localized content for K-12 and higher educational markets, is pleased to announce the confirmation of Lynsey Peterson as the CEO of A Pass Educational Group, LLC (A Pass). Previously, Peterson served as the Co-CEO and Integrator with Andrew Pass as the other Co-CEO and Visionary. Andrew Pass will continue to be involved with A Pass as the Founder and Visionary, moving to a thought-leadership role, motivated by the many intersections of education and technology. 

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Our relationship-centered, client-focused approach to every interaction results in responsive, long-term, positive partnerships.



Founder and Visionary

Andy says the wisest thing he has done as founder is to hire people smarter than he is to work closest to him. In his free time, he loves to go on cruises with his partner Debbie.
Andy was named a top EdTech influencer in 2023.



CEO, Integrator

A life-long learner and still a teacher at heart, Lynsey lives and breathes all things education. She also likes to devour books, explore new places, and cook up interesting recipes.



VP of Business Development

Pauline is passionate about improving the world through education, being in nature, hanging with her kids, and making music. When you are ready to partner with us, call Pauline.

Sara Schooley

Sara Schooley


Sara is enthusiastic about numbers and the inner workings of the business finances. She enjoys the outdoors, volunteering in her community, and spending time with her children.

Stephen Gibson

Stephen Gibson

Vice President of Content Development

Steve is committed to helping people and organizations reach their potential. When he isn't on his bike exploring, Steve enjoys playing music, all things historical, and his daughters' adventures.

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