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An image blending modern technology symbols like smartphones and laptops with ancient symbols of wisdom such as scrolls, books, and philosophical figures. A soft glow emanates from the ancient elements, highlighting their enduring importance amidst the digital chaos

Technology and Theology

Child making mixture of corn starch and water

Sense Matters

Growing plants

Empowerment for Growth

Today’s If Not Higher

Navigating the AI revolution: Education and ethics take center stage

The Human Element

Fully Present

What The AI Personal Learning Device Looks Like

RC = D × LC × PI

Promoting Equity

An Argument for Engagement

Curiosity and Independent Learning

An Imperative: Reading Like An Academic

Content or Student?

The Personal Learning Device of the Future

A Partnership Between Teacher and Technology

Too Much Information?

The Power of Questions and ChatGPT

Generative AI: An Opportunity to Differentiate and Promote Equity

Virtual Reality: The Will and the Should

Elearning and Instructional Design in the Age of Chat GPT

What Do Students Need to Learn to Use AI Effectively?

Grade School Fun: Chat-GPT, Commas, and Periods

The Irrelevance of Terms: Formal and Informal Education

Mandate: Develop Learning Pathways

The Quarantine as Sabbath

Why Soft Skills are Really Foundational Skills

5 Ideas for Online Learning at a Time of Coronavirus

Three Skills IDs Must Display When Partnering With Faculty

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