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Growing plants

Empowerment for Growth

Today’s If Not Higher

Navigating the AI revolution: Education and ethics take center stage

The Human Element

Fully Present

What The AI Personal Learning Device Looks Like

RC = D × LC × PI

Promoting Equity

An Argument for Engagement

Curiosity and Independent Learning

An Imperative: Reading Like An Academic

Content or Student?

The Personal Learning Device of the Future

A Partnership Between Teacher and Technology

Too Much Information?

The Power of Questions and ChatGPT

Generative AI: An Opportunity to Differentiate and Promote Equity

Virtual Reality: The Will and the Should

Elearning and Instructional Design in the Age of Chat GPT

What Do Students Need to Learn to Use AI Effectively?

Grade School Fun: Chat-GPT, Commas, and Periods

The Irrelevance of Terms: Formal and Informal Education

Mandate: Develop Learning Pathways

The Quarantine as Sabbath

Why Soft Skills are Really Foundational Skills

5 Ideas for Online Learning at a Time of Coronavirus

Three Skills IDs Must Display When Partnering With Faculty

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