Canadian novelist, David Bergen wrote, “A mentor, a ‘teacher,’ is like an editor. I absolutely value my editor, who is my teacher.”

Making it Perfect

When it comes to writing, one plus one is greater than two. Nobody is perfect, not even the best writers. However, when developmental and copy editors partner with writers, imperfect text becomes art, art that engages readers in leaving their present time and place to learn new knowledge and skills. If high quality learning can truly improve the world, great editors have profound power.

What Editors Do

  • Approve deliverable for higher-level review
  • Assure coherent voice
  • Check facts
  • Ensure adherence to specifications and objectives
  • Manage quality of projects
  • Perfect spelling and grammar

Who Our Editors Are

  • All have passed the A Pass certification process proving their editing abilities
  • Developmental editors (DE) are also subject matter experts  
  • Managerial editors typically begin as writers and DEs
  • Many have over twenty years of experience
  • Many possess Master’s degrees in education, creative writing, English or journalism
  • Most have worked with A Pass between 3 and 5 years

Checklist: Developing Great Competency Based Courses

Don’t you just love a great checklist–a checklist that eloquently and succinctly informs the user about precisely what needs to be completed? At A Pass, we rely upon internally developed checklists to ensure that work is completed at the highest levels. Check out this A Pass resource for a checklist on developing great competency based courses.

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