Instructional Design Support for Higher Education

Find out how we can help you prepare for Spring 2021

Partnership Opportunities

A Pass has instructional design support available to partner with Institutions of Higher Education in preparation for the transition to online learning.

ID-Only Course Builds

A Pass Instructional Designers (IDs) are available to partner with faculty Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) at institutions to assist with developing online courses.

In the wake of these uncertain times, many institutions are preparing to move their courses online.  This transition can be very challenging as there is a definite line between remote learning and online learning.

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A Pass Instructional Designers are available to help bridge this gap by partnering with faculty to redesign their courses for online delivery, create the necessary course materials, and place all course content in the Learning Management System (LMS) for delivery.

Through this option, Instructional Designers will partner directly with the individual faculty member to design and develop the course.  This option does not involve moving deliverables through the A Pass peer review process as it is designed to be a one-on-one partnership that can develop courses on a much faster timeline.

Our Instructional Designers have deep backgrounds in education, including a background in Higher Ed.  They are prepared to provide leadership and deep expertise in online learning theory and best practices.

A Pass has Instructional Designers available to start right away to assist with courses that will be released in early 2021.

Team Support Opportunities

In addition to Instructional Design support, A Pass has the capacity to offer a wide range of support roles to our education partners.

We have a wide range of experts that can join your team on an hourly or project basis.  These experts range from data entry specialists, human resource specialists, administrative assistants, and more.

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We certainly understand these are demanding and uncertain times; therefore, A Pass offers a solution to increase your office staff on an as needed basis.  We can staff the position based on your needs and the criteria you are looking for.

A Pass has contractors ready to start supporting institutions immediately in preparation for 2021.

Faculty Training

A Pass provides Instructional Designers with a deep knowledge of online learning. A Pass offers the development of faculty training modules to prepare faculty for creating and implementing online courses.

Faculty training can be developed as interactive, self-paced modules to be delivered through the institution’s Learning Management System (LMS) or as synchronous sessions delivered via web conferencing software.

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As higher education pivots to meet the growing demand for online learning, faculty are forced to quickly learn how to teach courses online. This can leave faculty feeling overwhelmed or misguided in thinking that online learning is simply placing face-to-face content in a Learning Management System (LMS) for online delivery.

A Pass believes online learning doesn’t just solve a problem of connecting with students remotely, but it allows for a transformative learning experience that can be even greater than what can be offered in a F2F setting. There are a lot of limitations of a F2F classroom for both instructors and students that we can overcome in an online setting.

Through a faculty training program, A Pass can help faculty identify ways to utilize their existing course content to create an online learning experience for learners that matches the quality course students would receive in a face-to-face classroom at the university.

With 2021 quickly approaching, A Pass is prepared to deliver faculty training starting immediately.

Full Service Course Build Also Available

This full service option can include designing and developing individual courses or full programs.

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