Why Interactive Video Has Become the Next Hot Trend in Video Learning

interactive video

Regular video, also known as linear video, is like a straight road that takes you from point A to point B. Interactive video, however, is much more interesting. It’s a road with twists, turns, and scenic overlooks. It’s the kind of road you drive when you want to enjoy going someplace. It’s the kind of road that you remember.

Like driving down a highway that offers a great view, interactive video technology increases learner enjoyment. It also increases learner engagement because it invites the learner to be part of the show.

Below are a few features offered by video learning that can turn passive viewers into active participants.

360° views:

Learners can rotate the view on the screen to see everything in the frame. This would be useful for history learners to visit Stonehenge or medical students to see inside a heart.


Multiple paths let learners control their learning experiences, exploring areas of interest or areas they need to study

Hot spots:

Different areas of the screen are clickable, opening windows of additional information or taking learners to new pages.


Learners input data, which varies the outcome of the video, providing individualized results.

Learners who require accommodations can be supported through this type of video learning. Some learners require easy access to definitions, which can be built into the video. Others need information put into graphic organizers because it is easier for them to visually understand. This feature can also be included and easily accessed with the click of a mouse. Sometimes it’s helpful just to see or hear the information again but in a different way. Including an “in other words” option would help learners who benefit from multiple explanations and those learners who want to double-check that they understand correctly. 

Since interactive videos are more engaging, learners view them longer than linear videos. The likelihood of success in a course increases because learners are more engaged. This pleases learners, instructors, and administrators. In addition, the interactive videos track learners’ movements. These movements can be analyzed, and the data can help administrators make decisions when buying new software. All these benefits are on the road to success.

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