Webinar: Deep Dive into the Learner Experience for the Visually Impaired: Let’s Talk Accessibility!


You’re invited to register for our upcoming free webinar on April 26th at 3:00 p.m. ET. This educational webinar will be led by Meghan Garfield and Brandi Robinson.

Online courses serve a wide variety of learners.  Their flexibility to mold to the individual needs of each learner is one of their greatest strengths.  In order to meet these individualized needs, courses must be developed with consideration of various accessibility requirements.  Creating accessible courses is key to being inclusive of all learners.  Join us for an immersive experience as we explore courses and media elements from the perspective of a learner that is visually impaired.

April 26th at 3 pm ET









In this webinar we will:

  • Experience a course from the perspective of a learner that is visually impaired.
  • Assess graphics to determine if they are accessible.
  • Identify tools that help ensure course accessibility.
  • Evaluate WCAG Standards for accessibility.
  • You’ll also get the answers to many of your questions.

About Brandi Robinson

Brandi Robinson has over 17 years of experience teaching math skills at the K-12 and college level. Her educational background includes a Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction with a focus in Mathematics and a doctorate in Curriculum & Instruction with a focus in online education. These degrees have given her a unique wealth of information to pull on to enhance instructional design theories and continue to grow and evolve as our understanding of learning changes.

About Meghan Garfield

Meghan Garfield is the Director of Strategic Accounts for the Higher Education Division. She has spent many years overseeing course development at A Pass Educational Group. She has deep experience as an instructional designer and truly understands the needs of the higher education community.

Who is A Pass?

A Pass Educational Group, LLC is an organization dedicated to the development of quality educational resources. We partner with publishers, K-12 schools, higher ed institutions, corporations, and other educational stakeholders to create custom quality content. Have questions?

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