The Key to Successful Vendor/Client Relationships

In our A Pass Angle, entitled, “The Key to Successful Vendor/Client Relationships” Mona Meyer explains that two attributes must be present within project communication in order for it to be considered the highest quality communication:

  1. Intentional communication is communication that is planned and executed with the goals of the client in mind, while remaining rooted in the reality of the vendor’s capabilities and expertise.
  2. This communication must occur for the duration of the engagement: before project launch, during development, and after delivery.

We often find it helpful to have an image of high quality communication in mind, when trying to infuse this kind of communication within the project management process. So, consider the following questions:

  1. What was the setting in which you participated in the most profound collaborative communication ever?
  2. What objective did you have for this communication?
  3. What were the greatest obstacles to this high quality communication?
  4. How did you overcome these obstacles?
  5. What can you do to replicate this communication elsewhere?

To read the A Pass Angle, “The Key to Successful Vedor/Client Relationships” go here.



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