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409, 2019

How to Make a Content Vendor Partnership Work for You

By |content development, Course Creation, course design, vendor|0 Comments

  Partnering with a content vendor offers you several benefits.  Whether you need lesson planning, micro-credentialing, item writing, or full course development, you can benefit from outsourcing [...]

2808, 2019

3 Connections Between Learning Standards and Performance-Based Assessments

By |curriculum, Curriculum Planning, education, Instructional Design|0 Comments

What are performance-based assessments (PBA)? Here's an example to help you understand PBAs. Let’s think about verbs. Regardless of your level of interest in sentence structure, the [...]

708, 2019

Productive Struggle: An Approach that Fosters Critical Thinking

By |Critical thinking, STEM, Supporting Students, Teaching|0 Comments

This guest post was written by Kristin Owens, Assistant Director of STEM area. Why is math class not the setting for most made-for-TV movies? Frankly, it is often lacking [...]

3107, 2019

Improving the ID/SME Partnership for Effective Online Course Design

By |course design, eLearning, Instructional Design, subject matter expert|0 Comments

Most colleges are creating online courses that serve the learners’ needs for flexibility and convenience. A positive partnership between an instructional designer, or ID, and a subject [...]


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