5 Methods That Deans can Apply to Improve College Enrollment

deans can improve college enrollment

Today, the goal of improving student enrollment faces many headwinds. Many higher education leaders are confronting barriers that are constantly affecting college enrollment. Yet, increasing enrollment is not all doom and gloom. Here are five methods in this part one article that deans can apply to bump up enrollment at their colleges. 


Open Satellite Campuses to Improve College Enrollment 

Moreover, established institutions with well-known brands have had success with satellite campuses. Besides that, schools that offer regional classes can increase their enrollment. Students can attend classes year-round. Also, colleges will attract more students who cannot afford room and board. Therefore, schools will attract working parents who cannot easily leave their families to live on campus. Still, staffing a satellite campus can be tricky. Faculty may have to rely on new methods of instruction. 


Offer Online and Hybrid Courses 

In addition, the path towards adopting online and hybrid models accelerated with the pandemic. Savvy leaders will need to continue hybrid and online courses to meet the demand. Still, the temperature for online classes may have cooled, as the need for them remains. Students now expect an online component with every class. Be sure to offer a variety of courses. Hybrid and flipped courses will continue to grow as faculty becomes accustomed to new teaching methods. 


Work the Job Training Angle To Lessen the Decline in College Enrollment

Deans have found success in reaching out to corporate training departments to help fill the talent pipeline. Likewise, corporate leaders look to their community college for job training programs. Besides that, successful job training programs have historically been hard skill trades such as chef, vintner, and technician. Yet, these trade careers do not rule out traditional institutions. Most importantly, opportunities exist for colleges with strong brands to provide job training programs to global organizations. These efforts can decrease the decline in college enrollment. 


Accelerate the Semester to Improve College Enrollment 

Likewise, leaders can reach out to corporate leaders to create an accelerated program for professionals. Colleges that run a hybrid MBA program attract professionals looking to get advanced degrees. The success of the accelerated degree program takes on a variety of forms. Also, offering weekend MBA programs brings students to campus. However, many working pros do not need an MBA program. Many students need to complete a lingering undergraduate or graduate degree. Look into what core courses can be accelerated to help these working students. 


Create work-study programs and apprenticeships

Moreover, there is something to be said for colleges that offer traditional apprenticeship programs in skilled trades. Many trade professions have gone to the wayside. The time to offer artisan trades alongside the core courses is ripe. Colleges that offer business courses and mentorships for working pros can attract students. Schools with strong partnerships with businesses can provide students a resume of worthy experience. Apprenticeships will entice students looking to build their portfolios, and this advantage can help improve college enrollment. 


In sum, to improve college enrollment, administrators need to look at what methods align with their organization’s vision. Then, leaders need to think about the student. A satellite campus removes the barrier of moving to campus. Also, schools can attract students from all walks of life. Still, leaders need to encourage faculty to continue developing online and hybrid classes. Most importantly, leaders need to assess how to expand accelerated classes. Also, work studies, apprenticeships, and job-training programs open up accessibility to professionals. 

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