2021: The 6 Best A Pass Translation Articles for the Year

Publishers and providers of K-12 and higher education institutions must to stay up-to-date on industry trends and forecasts. This knowledge helps them remain competitive and meet the evolving needs of a global audience of colleges, districts, teachers, and students. The A Pass blog strives to keep leaders and decision-makers informed on essential topics, including how to translate educational materials. Here are the top six translation articles from our blog for 2021.  


1.) Transcreation: 5 Skills Content Directors Can Review When Hiring for Translation Projects

While the accurate translation of materials is essential to publishers, transcreation provides extra steps. It’s a creative art form that accounts for cultural idiosyncrasies. Therefore, when hiring a professional translation service, content directors should look for transcreators with these five skills:

  • Ability to generate a creative brief
  • Extensive copywriting experience
  • Thorough understanding of the target market
  • Up-to-date with the advertising rules
  • Expert in the target language and culture


2.) 5 Key Advantages K-12 Publishers Get From Working With a Professional Translation Company That Are Often Overlooked

But whether seeking out transcreation or translation, publishers reap distinct benefits by working with a professional translation company over individual translators. Besides that, a professional translation service supplies these advantages: 

  • Offers expertise in print, digital, and audio translation that helps students connect with materials
  • Saves publishers time and money from finding and hiring qualified translators
  • Ensures delivery of high-quality products
  • Creates access to multiple translators in many different languages for greater consistency
  • Knows the publisher’s brand and stays on target with it to translate the brand to others


3.) 5 Benefits Publishers Get When Using Human Translations Versus Machine Translations (Google Translate)

Moreover, publishers also benefit from using human translation over machine translation, such as Google Translate. Most importantly, human translation offers these benefits: 

  • Captures the voice and personality of content to keep the context intact
  • Preserves word nuances that go beyond literal machine translations
  • Considers cultural and ethnic sensitivities to accurately capture the spirit of the message
  • Promotes a publisher’s brand across multiple markets
  • Provides the most consistent translation across the entire product suite


4.) 8 Funny Translation Fails That Publishers Should Avoid

Besides that, machine translation services often produce plenty of translation fails. Although these are funny, publishers do not want them for their products. Not only do they create embarrassment, but also machine translation fails cause publishers to lose credibility. For example, a machine-translated instruction manual says, “Attention, when you swivel the chair, please be careful to dropped the computer.” This wording may be humorous, but educational publishers cannot risk inaccurate, low-quality materials for teachers and students. Therefore, publishers should avoid machine translation and rely on high-quality professional translation services.


5.) The 4 Distinctions That Publishers Should Know When Translating Language for Translation and Transadaptation

Moreover, publishers can understand the difference between translation and transadaptation and when it’s best to use one over the other. For instance, translation converts content into another language while transadaptation adapts translated content to the target audience’s culture. Likewise, translation finds the best possible word match while transadaptation captures the spirit of the language often lost in direct translation. Therefore, translation is best for content that requires exact meaning, such as instructional manuals and study findings. However, transadaptation is best used when the emotion and intent of the content are the priority.  


6.) Webinar: Transadaptation and Its Importance to K-12 and Higher Ed Curriculum

Most importantly, A Pass capped off the year with an informative webinar capturing the essence of transadaptation for education. Through interactive experiences, participants gained a first-hand understanding of the important traits of transadaptation. These points included the introduction of bias, unusability, cultural relevance, and cultural sensitivity. Accordingly, A Pass provides transadaptation by accurately identifying the audience. It also assigns translators and reviewers who specialize in transadaptation in various subjects. 


Here at A Pass Educational Group, our translation team has the experience and expertise to translate your content in over 40 languages and with the highest attention to detail. For more specifics, check out our World Languages & Translation page and request information today.


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