5 Key Advantages K-12 Publishers Get from Working with a Professional Translation Company That Are Often Overlooked

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Hiring a translation company comes with a certain amount of sticker shock – especially when in-house translators are on staff. Therefore, working with a translation services firm presents many advantages to publishers. 


A Translation Company Provides Expertise 

Most importantly, a translation company provides grade-level appropriateness across print and digital mediums. Additionally, these companies are staffed with an established team of translators who are experts in content creation. Besides that, they offer many other support services. Excellent voiceover recording for videos and e-Learning courses are critical to students’ success in a course. Therefore, these companies can translate dialects and localized language in both written and audio forms, helping language learning students connect with the materials.


Saves Money 

Still, hiring saves money in the long run. First, educational translators know how to write for K-12 schools and Higher Ed institutions. Translation services professionals understand the nuances of writing for various cultures. This insight saves time throughout the development process. Second, the translators are on staff. Recruiting or interviewing for professional translators is not needed for those who may stay on for a few months. Hiring new staff does not hamper the development process. If a professional translation company needs translators longer on a project, they can be managed. 


A Translation Services Company Delivers High-Quality Work

Likewise, a translation company offers experienced translators who deliver work that meets today’s unique needs. The materials created by professional educational translation firms are culturally diverse and sensitive from the start. Besides that, high-quality work comes out of defined processes and systems. Professional translators are used to working in established processes and systems. Therefore, the process ensures the delivery of a quality product. 



Also, bringing one translator on staff or relying on a multilingual staff member can be risky for the publisher. If a translator leaves, how will a company fulfill this void in the future? What if more language translations are needed? Therefore, savvy publishers hire the help they need when they need it. A translation company has access to many translators, in many different languages as needed. Besides that, using translation services means leaders can focus in-house staff on new revenue-generating projects. 


A Translation Company Knows Your Brand

A translation company knows your brand. More importantly, they know how to translate that brand to others. Also, translators know the importance of localizing the content. Still, it takes a team to keep product suites to the brand. Professional translation services can work with other departments to deliver a message on time. Therefore, an educational translation company knows they will need to adapt and grow with the business. 


Here at A Pass Educational Group, our translation team has the experience and expertise to translate your content in over 40 languages and with the highest attention to detail. For more specifics, check out our World Languages & Translation page and request information today.


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