5 Benefits Publishers Get When Using Human Translations Versus Machine Translations (Google Translate)

machine translation and human translation

Publishers looking to expand into the global market may be swooned by the speed and cost-effectiveness machine translation offers. Still, you get what you pay for. Most importantly, compelling reasons exist to invest in professional transadaptation services. Publishers should know about the benefits of using a professional human translation service.


Human Translations Keep the Context Intact 

When using human translations versus machine translations, the text stays in the intended context. Besides that, some languages do not translate an exact one-to-one meaning of the words. Yes, the machine translator will get the basics right. But it will not keep the voice and personality of the author. It will not capture the voice of a company’s brand. The emotional weight of the text will be lost in translation. Human translation services provide more than just words. Professional translators convey the nuances of the content that connects with the targeted audience.


Machine Translations Drop the Nuances 

Additionally, human transadaptation services offer audiences explanations for text nuances. The word “snow” has many different nuances that human translators provide readers. The Inuit culture has many different words for the many different types of snow. English puts them all in one basket, relying on the context to do the rest. Therefore, machine translations are literal. It will translate to the lowest common denominator. Machines strip away the nuance and details that connect readers to the content.


Human Translations Consider Sensitivity and Culture 

Likewise, machine services do not understand the sensitivity issues that language can have in the written word like human translators. Most importantly, machine learning cannot adequately convey what it is like to be a person of that culture. Just as a person of one culture and ethnicity cannot truly empathize with the experiences of another culture, a machine cannot empathize and therefore cannot convey what it is like to have this experience too. In the K-12 context, this issue can leave out a lot of content. As well, the machine translation services cannot scan accompanying photos to determine if they are appropriate or not. Professional translators perform this service and more. Moreover, they can capture the spirit of the message and correctly position it within the cultural context.


Machine Translations Can’t Promote Your Brand

Therefore, professional translation services grab the voice of a publisher’s brand. Translators can catch the brand’s tone and weave in the cultural aspects of the target market. As many know, what works in one market won’t necessarily work in another. Also, selling products across a global stage asks for human intervention to ensure the product does not offend cultural norms. Human transadaptation services know how to connect with the readers in their community.


The Best Translations are Human Translations   

Besides that, professional transadaptation services provide publishers with a higher quality product. Human translators can create work across the entire product suite, ensuring consistency. Human translators align the products from the instructor guide to the textbook to the student workbook. Machines cannot examine the source text and determine if it is appropriate for the grade level and align it to the curriculum taught in the culture. Overall, publishers can get a cohesive product.


In sum, professional human translation services consider the context, integrate cultural and sensitivity differences, and understand the nuances. They consider a publisher’s brand, producing a high-quality product. Here at A Pass Educational Group, our translation team has the experience and expertise to translate your content in over 40 languages and with the highest attention to detail. For more specifics, check out our World Languages & Translation page and request information today.


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