Transcreation: 5 Skills Content Directors Can Review When Hiring for Translation Projects

transcreation: experts rely on books

When publishers expand to a new global market, they need to ensure their brand stays intact, and the message does not get lost in the mere translation of languages.  Thus, they need their content to engage with their new target audience, not just inform. That is where transcreation becomes a valuable asset to publishers. Therefore, transcreation goes beyond word-for-word translation by infusing the local culture into the content.  It’s a creative art form, and the best transcreators possess the following five skills that content directors can review when hiring a professional translation service.


Transcreation Includes a Creative Brief

Most importantly, transcreators should be skilled at generating a creative brief. This brief, a working document, allows content directors to ensure the project moves in the right direction. Content directors can review the branding, the desired message to the target audience. A translator accurately identifies elements, like the target audience, desired tone and style,  and the intent of the content.  Therefore, content directors can hire a translation service with transcreators who have these skills.


Extensive Copywriting Experience

Additionally, when hiring a translation service, leaders can hire transcreators, who have a thorough understanding of content creation and research. A professional writer with seasoned marketing experience is adept at making excellent word choices and using engaging formatting.  Thus, they understand the brand’s message and transfer that effectively to the new target market.


Transcreation Focuses on the Target Market 

Besides that, translators on transcreation projects will understand the target market well enough to become cultural advisors to content directors. Ideally, they are immersed in the language, trends, humor, and idiosyncrasies of the target market. This knowledge gives them a keen understanding of aspects like timeliness and relevance. Furthermore, transcreation professionals should have the expertise to further research the target market when needed. This ability allows them to address the pain points of the target audience and resonate with what is most meaningful to the local market.


Knowledge of Advertising Rules of the Target Audience

In like manner, transcreation team members should be adept at keeping up to date on local commercial codes, media rules, and advertising regulations that affect the target audience. This knowledge will help publishers avoid non-compliance issues that could lead to legal problems or harmful effects on the brand’s reputation.


Expertise in Conveying Cultural Validity

Finally, transcreation projects should be staffed by those who think in the native language, which most often means those born into the target language and living within the culture. This skill allows them to make accurate cultural references. They can stay current on local politics and cultural events like the traditions, values, passions, and struggles of the local culture. Cultural validity supports project completion and accuracy.


In summary, transcreation incorporates translation, creativity, and cultural sensitivities. The transcreation team connects a publisher’s content to its localized, global target market. Thus, the transcreators foster an authentic relationship between a brand and its local target market. Besides that, content directors can hire a translation team with skilled translators who understand and create these experiences. Here at A Pass Educational Group, our translation team has the experience and expertise to translate your content in over 40 languages and with the highest attention to detail. For more specifics, check out our World Languages & Translation page and request information today.


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