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2205, 2019

How to Equip Students with Workplace-Ready Soft Skills

By |Competency Based Education, continuing education, course design, Curriculum Planning, Educational Content|0 Comments

The price of college continues to rise. That’s a fact. With that rising price tag, it’s critical that colleges give students the workplace-ready soft skills they need. [...]

1505, 2019

Student-centered learning: A summary of the IBIS curriculum

By |curriculum, Instructional Design|0 Comments

Many traditional biology class frameworks require students to memorize terms and processes. The IBIS (Integrating Biology and Inquiry Skills) curriculum is different. It asks students to collaborate [...]

805, 2019

Be Creative: Learner Engagement in Allied Health Courses

By |Educational Content, Instructional Design, Know Your Students|0 Comments

What is Innovative Course Design? The challenge in any course is the design. A course should be designed for learner engagement at the highest level while preparing [...]


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