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1311, 2019

How Do You Integrate Universal Design Learning (UDL) Framework in Higher Ed Curriculum?

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Being able to develop students while teaching existing courses seems too good to be true. How is this possible? Universal Design Learning (UDL).

611, 2019

Using Microlearning Approaches To Keep Students Engaged

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We know today’s students are distracted. Texts need answering. Emails need replies. Besides that, students drown in content. Consider breaking courses into bite-size chunks. Provide little lessons for students.

3010, 2019

Guiding Principles of Integrating Multimedia in eLearning

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Integrating multimedia into your eLearning courses engages learners, but the latest research indicates too much interactivity may frustrate your learners.  In the hands of a skilled developer, multimedia interaction positively impacts knowledge transfer. Course navigation menus appear and disappear when needed, creating screen space.

2410, 2019

How Can Instructional Designers Support Higher Ed Online Course Instructors?

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As online course offerings grow, IDs are prepared to support instructors Traditionally, Instructional Designers (IDs) focused on creating online courses for a university. This role is expanding. [...]


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