Meghan Garfield to Head up our New Production Department

A Pass is excited to announce the addition of our new production department! While the department is new, our experience in production is not.

Over the years, we have gained extensive experience developing:

  • Animation
  • Custom art
  • eLearning modules
  • Videos

In fact, it is the increasing demand for new, custom development that has led to the need for production to have its own department.

Meghan Garfield will be leading this department as the director of production. Meghan has a diverse background in the field of education including teaching various levels of K-12 classes and training new educators. She completed a Master’s degree in Instructional Design and Technology at University of Tampa and then worked on a wide variety of projects as an instructional designer, developer, and project manager.

This experience prepared her with a strong background in instructional theory and design principles. Using these skills, Meghan has led many instructional design and educational technology development projects with A Pass in her role as Director of Career and Technical Education.

Some of these projects include the design and development of MicroMasters courses for a large U.S. university, instructional design review of edX course material for an international university, development of eLearning training modules for a government agency and for a state police department, and the design and development of many other video, animation, art, eLearning, and course development projects.

Meghan is passionate about developing instruction that is tailored to the needs and motivations of the learner base. As director of production, she will create innovative educational solutions that lead to unique online learning experiences.

Multimedia is essential in a wide variety of educational solutions. Whether developing an animation to introduce a topic in an online course, custom art for use as stimuli in an assessment, or a video to deliver a message to the public; we are experienced in all types of production.

As online courses are gaining speed in replacing traditional face-to-face classes, A Pass is determined to stay current in the most recent theories and trends in online learning. In doing so, we make sure to consider trending styles when developing art, video, animation and user interface. We understand that it takes skilled instructional design and purposeful use of eLearning tools to create effective online courses.

The addition of our new department focused solely on instructional design services and the development of quality production work will help us to continue to grow as leaders of online learning.

We are very happy to welcome Meghan in this new role as we unveil our new production department in 2019.


Who is A Pass?

A Pass Educational Group, LLC is an organization dedicated to the development of quality educational resources. We partner with publishers, K-12 schools, higher ed institutions, corporations, and other educational stakeholders to create custom quality content. Have questions?

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