9 05, 2018

Three Qualities of a Great Content Writer

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Today’s headlines seem to focus on everything that’s wrong with education. “American Schools vs. the World: Expensive, Unequal, Bad at Math”–The Atlantic “Wake-Up Call: U.S. Students Trail Global Leaders”–nbcnews.com “Obama Administration Spent Billions to Fix Failing Schools, and It Didn’t Work”–The Washington Post The list of objectives for educators at all levels seems to have no end: increasing access to high-quality education closing achievement gaps raising graduation rates preparing students to excel in a globalized economy keeping pace with rapid educational reform Creating new educational content to enhance choice, keep students engaged, and measure growth is vital. But if they are continuously asked to do more with less, how can educators keep pace? One answer is, simply, with help. Professional educational content writers use their expertise to develop tools that any superintendent, curriculum manager, and content developer can use. The objective is to facilitate educators in reaching their goals. And it’s those in the field who have had experience with successful students that know how to help students succeed. These writers can develop courses, curricula, and [...]

11 04, 2018

Importance of Developmental Editing in the Content Creation Process

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Content development involves more than researching the specified area and deciding which components of that area are worth developing into a deliverable, whether that be a course, a blog, an editorial, a handout, etc.  It involves a team dedicated to the delivery of a quality curriculum. Developmental editing is an essential part of the development process. The developmental editor (DE) ensures the content being delivered is free of bias and meets the required specifications and guidelines. The DE is the ultimate proofreader.  The DE has no investment in the piece being delivered. With no investment in the piece, there should be no conflict of interest in ensuring writers implement their edits. As many projects call on instructional designers or writers to put together initial versions of content, it is the developmental editor who takes those initial versions and checks for relevance, accuracy, and completion. If a piece needs revisions, it is the DE who sends recommendations for improvement to all vested parties. As part of their editing responsibilities, an effective DE may: Point out obscure or [...]

29 03, 2018

Partnering with a Vendor for Education Content Development

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Partnering with a vendor such as A Pass Educational Group, LLC (A Pass) gives you access to a large number of contractors with diverse specialities. A vendor provides you with a workforce that is ready to tackle a project developing courses or other educational materials of any size, on nearly any timeline. There are many benefits to partnering with a vendor for your content development, whether you need lesson planning, micro-credentialing, item writing, or full course development. Of course, there are many other educational resources that a vendor can develop for you. A Pass develops virtually any educational resource for K-12, higher ed, and corporate trainings. Since all content is customized to your specific project needs, the development options are endless! Below are several benefits to partnering with a vendor. Subject Matter Expertise In a large pool of contractors, you will find workers with varying backgrounds. Each contractor will bring their own expertise to the course development. A vendor has experience working with different industries and will pair contractors with the right backgrounds to your [...]