29 05, 2019

Improving Students’ Writing and Communication Skills

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It is happening: the art of the written word is dying. With the growth of technology and the push to digitize everything, other skills have been pushed aside. Skills like writing have been deemed less valuable, even obsolete. The reality is, however, that writing skills are still incredibly necessary in today’s working world. This means writing and communication skills must be a cornerstone of college curriculum. Writing Skills in College Curriculum College is often viewed as preparation for the “real-world”, the workforce. So the atmosphere of the workforce tends to guide and shape the curriculum used in colleges. The current landscape has shifted to emphasize knowledge and understanding of technology. This may not seem like an opportunity for writing skills, but it actually creates a greater need for them. There is a high demand for writing skills in the workplace. Being able to effectively communicate allows for the free flowing of all other soft skills. From communication comes collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. These skills are things that robots and other forms of technology [...]

21 11, 2017

Communication Is Not Just A Word

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Communication. The word is everywhere. We are aware of its importance, but the constant use of the word often desensitizes us to the critical nature of efficient idea exchange. Nowhere is it more important than when working with your educational consulting firm; a successful project outcome demands valuable communication. Leading practices for reliable and useful communication demand constant communication. Following are actionable steps you can take to ensure your project has every chance at success. STEP 1: Communication Plan Your project should begin with a mutually acceptable communication plan. A highly qualified vendor has experience building effective and intentional communication plans, and will make recommendations which work with your team’s schedule and style. The plan’s routines are designed to ensure information exchange is constant, bidirectional, and able to resolve issues quickly. STEP 2: Team Agreement Both teams invest time and resources in the project’s success. Typically, your subject matter experts contribute to more than one project at a time, and time is at a premium. It is critical for a sound communication plan [...]