Why Your next Online Course Should Focus on Being Mobile-friendly

Why Your next Online Course Should Focus on Being Mobile-friendly
One term that accurately describes the 21st century is “mobile.” Everyone wants to go, go, go. They can get dinner to go, dry cleaning to go, even retail purchases to go. And now, they want their online courses to go.

But being mobile-friendly doesn’t just mean that a learner can access online material while getting a haircut. It also means instructors can ask students to use their mobile phones as learning tools. Here are just a few examples how mobile phones can improve online courses:

Receive Instant Feedback

Instructors can use mobile applications to ask learners questions and receive instant feedback. Based on this information, instructors can see if they need to add additional resources or activities to support learners.

Gather Evidence

Learners can use mobile applications to collect information for collaborative learning. For example, geological learners can take pictures of various rock formations to upload to a group project. Finding real-life examples makes learning applicable.


Not all learners are native English speakers. A digital translator can quickly clear up a confusing concept. But translation works the other way, too. A non-native speaker may need to ask a classmate or the instructor a question but just can’t find the right word or phrase in English. A translation app will help the learner figure out what to say.

Use Social Media

Learners can ask questions about content or due dates. They can organize responsibilities for a group project. They can even offer short tutoring sessions. 

Practice Real-life Skills

Instructors can ask learners to complete tasks using their mobile phones that are similar to those in many professions. For example, a learner may have to record herself explaining a difficult concept using her mobile phone. More companies are asking employees to create short videos as part of their resources. 

Inspire Creativity

Since mobile phones have a variety of capabilities, learners are no longer limited to book reports and essays to demonstrate what they have learned. Instead, they can record podcasts, shoot videos, or create digital collages. 

Online courses that are mobile-friendly offer more learning experiences. They also have more opportunities to connect with instructors and other learners. As mobile phones evolve and new applications are invented, their utility in online courses will race into the future. Let’s go!

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