Why Top Universities Are Increasingly Launching Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs)

Why Top Universities Are Increasingly Launching Massive Open Online Course

Top universities are launching massive open online courses at a rapid rate. Massive open online courses continue to grow in popularity. MOOCs are no longer just cheap and free, they are changing higher ed catalogs. Why? MOOCs give the following benefits. 


Reach more students

Massive open online courses let schools reach more students. Not only that, MOOCs let schools reach new types of students. Schools are no longer limited to traditional 18-22 year old students. Now, institutions can connect with a wide variety of students in many varied situations. Colleges can reach students who may have otherwise found the hurdles to higher education too hard to overcome. Colleges can offer MOOCs free to low cost. Rural and at-risk students can learn from top professors at leading universities. Professionals can finish a degree program. Students are willing to risk taking a low-cost course rather than paying a pricey tuition bill.  Besides that, MOOCs let students and schools get to know each other. 

Are a low risk investment

Likewise, MOOCs let students try out the school before making a commitment.  Colleges are able to try out students. Students who do not meet enrollment requirements can take a MOOC. When a student completes a MOOC, they receive a course credit. A student may decide to enroll full-time.  MOOCs let faculty teach a one-off course on a passion topic. Massive open online courses let institutions build their catalog. Likewise, MOOCs let universities test which courses would be popular, and which would fail. 


Grow course catalog offerings

Still, MOOCs let institutions grow their course catalog offerings. Courses can be available anytime, anywhere. Massive open online courses can reach remote students. Still, other students may have physical limitations that make in-person in-class learning difficult. Likewise, MOOCs make sure students enjoy the rewards of online learning. MOOCs let schools partner with corporations and other schools. Students can work together to complete projects and research without having to be in the same room. Besides that, rural and at-risk students are able to learn at the feet of top professors at elite institutions.

Showcase top talent

Massive open online courses let schools showcase their top talent. MOOCs are said to be top-quality courses.  Universities can expand their brand by offering MOOCs. Students crave learning sessions with top professors at well-known colleges. Besides that, a student can afford a single course at an elite institution. Likewise, prestigious universities have opened online extensions that operate as independent entities. 

Provide additional revenue streams

Besides that, MOOCs give schools new opportunities to create revenue. Companies use massive open online courses to fill out their in-house training programs. MOOCs are believed to have career benefits. Online workplace professional degrees are one of massive open online course big wins. Likewise, MOOCs help universities outsource their online master’s degrees. Professionals use MOOCs to attain specialized certifications. Besides that, MOOCs give schools access to lifelong learners. A growing group is seniors looking to keep their minds active. Alumni are looking to sharpen their skill set. With the pandemic, the unemployed may use a massive open online course to learn a new skill.  

In sum, massive open online courses continue to grow. Besides that, universities that offer MOOCs reach more students. Schools are able to grow their course catalog. Institutions are to offer certification programs. Schools are able to generate additional revenue.  Students and schools benefit.

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