Personalized Learning: 4 Powerful Principles Publishers Should Understand

personalized learning

By now, providers know personalized learning is powerful. Yet, without a vision, personalized learning is difficult to do well. Still, does it make sense to pursue it as part of the strategy?  Read these powerful principles leaders should know about personalized learning.


Personalized Learning is Student-Led

Yes, personalized learning lets students take the lead in their learning journey. Still, students in personalized learning programs can make the most of their strengths. Personal learning lets students learn what they need to know when they are ready to learn it. Besides that, learners can accelerate through the content they know. Also, learners may linger with content until they master it. Likewise, personal learning gives all learners more flexibility. This attribute means providers can create a lot more content for many more types of learners. Also, publishers have the opening to sell a range of products – not just textbooks. Likewise, teachers sign on to providers’ sites to do a lot more than ever before. Teachers give each student the work they need to master the required competency.


Flexibility and Inclusivity Characterize Personalize Learning

 In addition, teachers lean into the provider’s tools to customize learning tasks according to need. Yet, flexible content has must be planned. If not, teachers and students will be confused. Providers set this vision. Yes, personal learning lets educators tailor learning to students with disabilities, too. These students have the most to gain from inclusion and flexibility. Still, personal learning is more than an IEP. Now, teachers can build on a student’s strengths rather than their failings. Providers may find themselves promoting the benefits of personal learning to educators in their product offerings. In addition, providers may find themselves leading teachers down the paths of data-driven analytics to support personal learning.


Focus on the Practice and not the Product

 Still, personalized learning is more than a product or a suite of offerings. Personal learning is a practice. In addition, a publisher’s plan provides support for teachers, parents, and students.  Besides that, publishers can help teachers with easy-to-use tools as well as friendly support. Now teachers have time to build relationships in and out of the classroom with students and their families. Still, publishers may find themselves modeling how to move to a student-led approach.


Provide and Utilize Technology for Personalized Learning 

In addition, providers may want to offer a family of educational resources. Audiobooks, textbooks, and videos work. Teachers like a wide range of products to assign. Besides that, leaders can urge content creators to identify the standard or competency the item fulfills. Also, leaders can ask teams to leverage chatbots to help students master repetitive tasks, like learning math facts. Likewise, providers can make learning management systems easy to use. Then teachers can easily communicate with a student’s family. Also, leaders can promote good data analytics that let teachers see the whole student.


In sum, having a personalized learning strategy is very different than marketing a personal learning product. Personalized learning is a process that lets students build on their strengths and mitigate their weaknesses. This strategy can deliver much-needed results for students who need individualized plans. Still, the benefits of personalized learning cannot be realized unless everyone involved in supporting education takes part.


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