Lifelong Learners: 6 Ideations for K-12 Publishers

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Instilling the love of learning into K-12 students is a key for a lifetime of learning. Skills fade fast. Scientists make new discoveries, and history rewrites itself. Thus, new developments happen daily. Six ways K-12 publishers can lay the bedrock for lifelong learning are below.


What is Lifelong Learning?

Lifelong learning means learning does not end when a student leaves the classroom. Therefore, lifelong learners keep connecting with experts, reading new developments, and teaching others. Lifelong learning takes as many forms as there are individuals. Lifelong learners thrive throughout their lifetime. Yet, learning to learn is a taught skill.


Habits of Mind Promote Lifelong Learners  

Likewise, publishers can teach students Habits of Mind. So, publishers can urge curricula away from behavior and towards intent. Habits such as persistence, listening, and questioning give students power. Besides that, these habits let publishers support more than skill development. Students learn lifelong skills that transfer across topics and interests. Publishers can produce growth mindset and personal leadership materials. Whatever products publishers opt to make–they must keep students curious.


Publishers Can Curate Media for Lifelong Learners 

Also, publishers can curate reading lists, blogs, and resources for learners. Besides that, publishers can offer video-sharing services and curated lists. Search engine alerts, tweet decks, and other notification tools can nudge learners along. These digital tools keep teachers and students aware. Publishers can offer quality tools that curate fact-checked content. Besides that, publishers can let students take the lists with them. They can add resources as they grow.


Publishers Can Create Footprints and Badges for Educators   

Still, curiosity gets stifled somewhere along the way in many students. So, part of publishers’ strategy should be to reward behaviors like perseverance. Badges and footprints let students and teachers track results. Students need a safe place to fail. The more they can try on a task or skill without the fear of a shameful failing grade, the better. Still, creating tools that encourage students to be willing to take a chance and be wrong takes time.


Build Tools and Software for Student Learning Communities

So, publishers can help students see the benefits of lifelong learning. Publishers can leverage tools that curate content for students. Tools that integrate RSS feed aggregators into LMS platforms give students extra chances. Now, students and teachers get the latest updates from the experts. Professional learning networks can connect learners to other lifelong learners in their field. Also, publishers can build bridges between students and experts on these platforms.


Map the Distinct Types of Lifelong Learners

Likewise, publishers need to know their audience. Publishers will need products to meet an array of lifelong learning styles. Social learners may utilize online networking tools such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Other learners seek information from experts. They set up RSS feeds to keep up to date in their field. Publishers can give students choices based on their learning preferences.


Offer Social Learning and Create Safe Spaces 

Also, note-keeping tools and sites such as collections and notes encourage content sharing. Besides that, these additions let publishers work with districts to customize tools. Also, publishers can offer their own social networking sites. Publishers can supply software products that grow with students’ social media use. But publishers will need to be wary of the dangers that social media sites might present. K-12 student online safety is tantamount. Products will need to create positive, safe learning spaces with monitoring tools.


In sum, failure to be a lifelong learner means failure to adapt to change. Publishers can give students the gift of staying curious throughout their lifetimes. This benefit means lifelong learners will gain new skills, staying competitive in the job market. Also, these habits mean they will be able to grow in their jobs. Besides that, publishers get to help shape the future. Students become parents, and they will share their love of learning with their kids.

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