23 01, 2019

Effective Online Assessments: A Four-Tip How-To

2019-10-02T12:20:46-05:00 January 23rd, 2019|assessment, testing|0 Comments

Assessment is a vital piece of the educational process. Not only do students get a better understanding of their learning, but assessments help gather valuable learner data. Before we jump into designing effective online assessments, let’s first look at the different types of assessments. Formative Assessments Formative assessments give a glimpse into student knowledge at a certain point in the learning process. These assessments are usually used for feedback and are simple; classroom polls, think-pair-share, or charts are all examples of formative assessments. Summative Assessments Summative assessments are the other commonly used type of assessment. They are given at the end of units or courses to assess learning. These heftier assessments measure student achievement while providing data on student learning of content standards and program effectiveness. Online Assessments With learning going digital, online assessments provide a number of benefits not found with their paper and pencil counterparts. Online assessments are less time consuming easier to explore and organize data on student performance easily adaptable conducive to the collection of new data While online assessments offer several [...]