30 01, 2019

Integrating Digital Game-based Learning in Higher Ed

2019-02-12T15:25:52-05:00 January 30th, 2019|GED, Learning|2 Comments

Using games in learning became in vogue in the early 1960s. Jean Piaget praised the use of games in learning. He said play could help simulate real-life conflict and help resolve them. Today, we integrate digital game-based learning.   Benefits of Game-Based Learning Digital game-based learning gives learners a chance to think and work in new ways. Educators can customize a game to fit the learning. Most importantly, learners get real practice and opportunities to think creatively. The idea is simple. Digital game-based learning means using video games as a tool. Some might call this gamification, but it isn’t. That only swaps one element of education with something game-based. Merits of Digital Game-Based Learning in Teaching Concepts Digital game-based learning allows for learners to practice skills in hands-on authentic activities that can be applied in the real world. While learners work, educators can expect real-time results and assessment of understanding. Therefore, they can provide immediate feedback during learning activities. Digital game-based learning is adaptive. This means correct answers lead to more challenges, whereas wrong answers lead to [...]