Creating Online Learning from F2F Courses

Course Audit & Uplift Packages


A Pass instructional designers (IDs) will audit a course to check for:

    • Alignment and mapping of assessments
    • A scaffolding of activities to provide success for the learner
    • Engagement level of students
    • Authentic assessment

Each of those categories will also have suggestions for ways to improve the course with high-impact adjustments. Based on this audit, findings will be presented to clients to decide on which suggestions to move forward with to maximize student mastery of concepts, success, retention, and engagement.

Course audit & uplift takes 3-4 weeks per course

Migration of Existing Face-to-Face Courses to LMS


A Pass instructional designers (IDs) will: 

  • Perform discovery sessions with faculty to uncover the critical elements of a course valued by the instructor and necessary outcomes for students at the end of the course
  • Determine the best way to shift these experiences into the online environment in an engaging way that does not sacrifice academic rigor or the intention of the activities
  • Present these findings to the client to determine which options to move forward
  • Design the selected learning experiences to create an engaging, rigorous online learner journey, in partnership with the faculty in order to maintain consistency

Migration takes 5-6 weeks per course

Ready to get started?

*Additional ID Hours

Additional hours of instructional design support can be added at an additional cost if a course requires revisions and/or media that exceed what is included in the package. Items included in the package are outlined on a course checklist provided by A Pass during scoping.