Professional Education

We create a variety of assessment types across a wide range of professional education topics.

Effective professional development would be incomplete without the right type of assessment. At A Pass, our experienced content experts can create custom assessments for your professional development courses. Our access to an extensive network of subject matter experts ensures that your PD program includes well-crafted assessments to measure the desired learning outcomes.


Professional Education Assessment Items

A Glimpse of Our Services

Assessment Design

Multiple choice, short answer, extended response, technology enhanced, performance based, and more

eLearning Development

Our experienced content department has the capability to design and develop engaging eLearning.


Mapping, correlations, learning objectives, scope and sequence, and curriculum design and development

Instructional Design

We work with you to develop content that effectively moves your students through the learning process.  

Subject Matter Experts

Our experts have both practical and theoretical knowledge in every subject from accounting to zoology.


World Languages & Translation

Our translation team has the experience and expertise to recognize even the subtlest nuances of your chosen language.

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