Training in the Workplace: How to Achieve Lasting Results

For companies looking at digital training solutions, educational outcomes can have a big impact on the bottom line.

Compliance, sales, skills: Business leaders can certainly enhance the value and performance of an organization through effective training. But, all too often, workplace training fails to result in lasting benefits.

For businesses, it’s essential that employees do not simply forget training immediately after it’s given.

To implement truly effective workplace training, we have a few suggestions:

• Training can be augmented with workplace campaigns to reinforce key concepts. For example, workers will retain safety information much more effectively through strategic workplace messaging and regular reminders. Also, avoid skills decay by scheduling regular sessions of brief refresher training.

Assessment during training helps employees understand their areas of strong and weak understanding. By using assessments to guide training, companies can ensure that teams have well-rounded bases of common knowledge.

• Inquiry-based learning: By devising systems where employees can easily find training content, companies can facilitate the reinforcement of learning.

• Make sure to clearly prioritize “need-to-know” content. Sometimes, training programs can try to accomplish too much. The result can be a dilution of important learning topics.

• Look for ways to engage employees in learning. This can be done before, during, and after the primary training events. Emphasize ways that training is relevant to job performance. Implement training that is student centered, involving practice and feedback. Keep the educational content flowing once the main training sessions have been completed.

Digital training provides a wealth of opportunities to effectively implement these concepts. At A Pass Education, we’re always happy to discuss the variety of options available to businesses looking to enhance training programs.


Who is A Pass?

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