Webinar: Transadaptation and its importance to K-12 and Higher Ed curriculum



You’re invited to register for our upcoming World Languages & Translation webinar on September 29th at 12:00 p.m. (ET). This educational webinar will be led by Dan Souers and our World Languages & Translation department leaders, Haris Papamichael, Ph.D. and Emmy Smith Ready, Ph.D. We’ll be focusing on the importance of transadaptation in K-12 and Higher Ed curriculums.

You will learn about these points:

  • Defining transadaptation
  • The importance of transadaptation in K-12 and Higher Ed curriculums
  • The role of culture in transadaptation
  • Uses of transadaptation
  • The difference between transadaptation and translation
  • Transadaptation and copyediting
  • Cost considerations

You’ll also get the answers to many of your questions.



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