Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Computer Science Curriculum

kids learning computer science curriculum

Without a doubt, creating a computer science curriculum can be a bit challenging. There are a ton of variables and plenty of room for mistakes. Furthermore, if you’re looking to incorporate computer science into your curriculum, be sure to prevent making the following top 4 mistakes.

1. Creating a computer science curriculum for long-term use

Oftentimes, curriculum is created to be used for many years, even decades. However, computer science curricula need to be updated regularly due to the nature of the field. Many computer science curricula will be outdated within a year or two of creation.

2. Not keeping in mind different learning styles

Some students find learning concepts easier, while other students have a more hands-on approach. A good curriculum should be well-balanced. Providing a good amount of theory but at the same time having enough practical opportunities to try to attend the different learning styles of each student could be the solution to achieving the right balance.

3. Creating computer science curricula based on short-term trends

It’s easy to get excited about a new trend in technology and try to create a curriculum focused around it. Consequently, the reality is that this could easily cause your curriculum to become outdated very fast if that trend does not stick around for long. Always remember that in order to excel in computer science, understanding the fundamentals is also very important.

4. Trying to cover every aspect of computer science in one shot

It is easy to try to cover every aspect of computer science in one curriculum given the wide range of topics this field covers. However, this could be a huge mistake simply because this does not allow students to really learn about the topics that interest them. One easy way to combat this is to create different segments of the curriculum that focus only on one topic at a time. 

In conclusion, there is certainly room for mistakes when creating curricula for this field.  In future articles we will cover more about this topic. For now, try to keep these 4 common mistakes in mind and you will be one step closer to being more successful.

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