3 Questions to Ask When Developing High-Quality MicroMasters Courses

Deciding to present your curriculum to the world via a MicroMasters MOOC is an excellent decision!  This environment opens doors for learners that they may have perceived as being closed.  Work, family, and other obligations leave many with the impression that they don’t have time to further their education.  With a MicroMasters MOOC, they get a taste of an advanced degree coupled with the confidence needed to be more productive in the workplace.  This is a win-win for all parties involved.

Images representing MicroMasters courses.

A MicroMasters course should be designed with the mindset that you are taking the learner to a higher elevation.  Learners should feel like they are making a hearty investment in their futures, and they will rely on the course to be engaging, interactive, and meaningful.  The MicroMasters course is different from traditional courses learners would take.  It is designed from a professional development standpoint in which skills obtained can be utilized immediately.  Learners should love the course, walk away changed, and tell others of the awesome experience.

A student by her laptop taking a MicroMasters course.

Where do you start?  Drafting an outline for the full MicroMasters credential is essential.  You want to build a program that serves as a springboard for the learner.  The learner should be able to take the credential and present it to an employer as a tangible and marketable component of his/her skillset.  Likewise, each individual certificate of that program should allow that learner to be challenged by complex exercises, meaningful discussion, and peer sharing in their respective academic or trade area.

  • Question to ask yourself:  How can I ensure that this program (the first course specifically) stands out from the others so that learners will enroll and continue in MY program?


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What about the learners?  You should accommodate as many learning styles as possible within the course.  Keep in mind that, whether your course is instructor-led or self-paced, the learner is still outside the traditional classroom and therefore susceptible to outside distractors.  This makes it important to present content in engaging and innovative ways, break the monotony of basic words or graphics on the screen, and hold the learner’s attention.  Incorporate videos and animations that are content-focused and engaging.  Also, ensure that assignments align to the objectives and test the learner’s ability to apply content through real-world scenarios.

Collage of faces representing MicroMasters course learner group.

  • Question to ask yourself:  Have I incorporated enough variables to challenge the learner so that he/she can compete with others in the current market?

What about the SMEs?  Yes, the SMEs, or Subject Matter Experts, are critical in the development of your course.  That being said, it is important to choose SMEs that are actively participating in the workforce and can provide learners with a sense of how to implement their skills in a performance-based dynamic.

  • Question to ask yourself:  Are the SMEs chosen to work on this course aware of the changing dynamic of the workforce, and can they use that awareness to articulate needed objectives for the course?

If you are looking to increase your enrollment or bring awareness to your great school or graduate program, delving into the world of the MicroMasters is truly to your benefit.  You will reach more learners in a shorter period of time, while positively increasing their cerebral capacities.

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