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Staying on top of educational information is the key to creating educational content that sells. Providers must know what students need so that they can create the most effective products. The A Pass blog strives to keep decision-makers up-to-date with the most compelling information. Our countdown to the most popular posts of 2022 is below!

5th Using Open-Ended Questions in Student-Centered Learning

Using open-ended questions makes a huge difference in how the classroom feels and acts. Close-ended questions promote single-word responses like “yes” or “no.” On the other hand, open-ended questions encourage full, meaningful answers that stem from the students’ own knowledge, thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Additionally, open-ended questions encourage objectivity. Close-ended questions can often be leading in nature.

4th The Role of an Instructional Designer in Curriculum Development

The instructional designer (ID) is an integral part of the curriculum development process. The ID is an expert in the learning process. So the instructional designer makes sure the material is well-chosen, appropriately paced, and organized for the specific type of learner using the curriculum.

3rd The Four Responsibilities of an Effective Subject Matter Expert

Effective subject matter experts, or SMEs, need to know more than just their subject. Successful SMEs must be able to mange their workflow, build relationships, ask key questions and accept change.

2nd Curriculum Development Using Effective Goals and Objectives

In creating high-quality curriculum materials, clearly articulated goals and objectives are the key to success. So curriculum developers must have a deep comprehension of what students should learn in each school year and course. Also, this understanding helps curriculum designers plan effectively for daily learning as well as long-term learning.

1st Major Steps in the Curriculum Development Process

There are four broad steps to developing high-quality instructional materials. These steps require instructional designers, subject matter experts, project managers, and copyeditors to collaborate so that materials are perfect for the target learner. All involved must understand how to blend educational standards, subject matter expertise, and instructional design.

Who is A Pass?

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