Lynsey Peterson Appointed to CEO for A Pass Educational Group, LLC


MICHIGAN, May 5, 2022—A Pass Educational Group, LLC, a leader in designing instruction, creating assessments, and building localized content for K-12 and higher educational markets, is pleased to announce the confirmation of Lynsey Peterson as the CEO of A Pass Educational Group, LLC (A Pass). Previously, Peterson served as the Co-CEO and Integrator with Andrew Pass as the other Co-CEO and Visionary. Andrew Pass will continue to be involved with A Pass as the Founder and Visionary, moving to a thought-leadership role, motivated by the many intersections of education and technology.


“One reason that I am so comfortable asking Lynsey to take on this new role is because she, through her actions, exemplifies our mission, vision, and values. Lynsey leads us in being a company that seeks to empower others and ourselves for growth until we achieve our 10x goals which will even better enrich our personal and professional lives. She teaches that it is only worthwhile to do this if we are able to build relationships, solutions, and trust as our foundation.” ~ Andy Pass


Lynsey Peterson has been with A Pass since 2012. As the Co-CEO and Integrator for the past two years, she has overseen the strategic growth and expansion of the company. This included managing the acquisition of Victory Productions in 2021, integrating previous Victory clients, and expanding the capabilities of the World Languages and Translation department. As the Integrator, she has directed the implementation of EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System). An Integrator is the “glue of the company” and complements the Visionary, orchestrating the business directives and functions.


“I am so grateful for the trust that Andy has placed in me. I love my role as Integrator, and I am excited to continue to move our team forward as we make our vision into reality. Working with our staff, contractors, and clients is a significant responsibility. I know how important our shared efforts are for the success of teachers and students. I am truly lucky to work with such a wonderful team and pursue my life’s work alongside them.” ~ Lynsey Peterson


Previously, Lynsey served as the COO, VP of Content Development, and the Director of STEM at A Pass. She led many projects including assessment, curriculum, and course development. Lynsey is a graduate of Furman University with a B.S. in Biology with a concentration in Environmental Studies. Before joining A Pass, Lynsey was a science teacher for grades 8-12 and completed field research in various countries, including England, Spain, and Costa Rica.


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