How to Measure the Success of a New Curriculum

Designing new curriculum is not quite like the adage, “A journey of a thousand steps begins with the first.” Sure, the curriculum designing process has many steps. But at the beginning of designing a new curriculum, the last step is the focus: Measuring its success.

Start with the end

At the very end of the designing process are the results. The success of a new curriculum is determined by the success of the learners. But have learners acquired the knowledge and skills the curriculum was designed to teach? A better question is, how do learners prove they have acquired the knowledge and skills the curriculum was designed to teach?

Before going too far down the new curriculum path, decide how learners will demonstrate their success. If the end results are not clear, then the path to get there is not. Content writers will be confused as to their topics. In addition, instructional designers won’t know how to design effective modules and activities. Ultimately, the learners become frustrated. And frustrated learners are not a sign of success.

Below are a few tips that will help anyone measure the success of a new curriculum. However, consider these steps during the early stages of development.

Tips for Measuring the Success of New Curriculum

    • Before designing the new curriculum, envision what learners will do once they have completed the curriculum. In other words, what are the learning outcomes?
    • Determine how these will be measured. This could be project-based or real-life application.
    • Decide what counts as “successful completion.” What criteria are required to be considered “successful”? Does a project need to fit a particular category on a rubric? Will learners need an 80% or higher on a final exam?

One final tip

If you follow these tips, then it will be easier to measure the success of the new curriculum. Interpreting those results should also be easier, especially if you plan for that, too.

    • What results will mean the new curriculum is successful? 50% of learners receiving a certain score? The number of new graduates with jobs in their field?

It may appear the journey of new curriculum development is complicated. But the best way to navigate this path is with an experienced guide. A Pass has the experience and professionals to help you. In addition, A Pass offers piecemeal services to complete curriculum designing. Their professionals can guide you to success.

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