Chatbots: K-12 Providers and College Leaders Can Utilize These 5 Features

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Artificial intelligence (AI) positively impacts K-12 and colleges across the US, especially with chatbots. Chatbots are AI-powered robots that are programmed to interact with humans conversationally. They answer questions, give feedback, and provide reminders in a way that increases engagement and is available around the clock. LMS designers and CIOs can use the following five features of chatbots to benefit K-12 and higher-ed.


1.) Create Chatbots for Equity

First, chatbots level the playing field for school systems that lack human resources. Chatbots answer thousands of common questions from parents and students. This benefit can free up hundreds of hours for key personnel to address issues that require more personalized attention. Therefore, chatbots promote equity by helping reach each student and each family on an individual basis. Thus, this significant feature aids K-12 and higher-ed students that leaders can employ.


2.) Create Chatbots for Feedback

Besides that, chatbots help instructors provide better one-on-one support to their students. They send information to instructors about students’ comments and their progress online. This advantage allows teachers to offer praise and feedback to students. As a result, students feel like they are getting individualized attention. And in turn, instructors with many students — potentially hundreds in the case of university professors — can monitor and improve their students’ progress more efficiently.


3.) Support Online Discussions

Therefore, chatbots can monitor online student discussion groups to identify and address uncivil behavior or highlight excellent comments. Because of the feedback from chatbots, students benefit from coaching, learning about digital etiquettes, such as rewording posts. They also gain insight from the bots to improve their digital literacy, like completing research and citing sources. LMS designers and content directors can ensure its integration.


4.) Chatbots Help Students Catch Up

Most importantly, students’ academic success rates can improve. The AI technology can be programmed to send out reminder messages of important concepts. Chatbots can also provide review exercises, such as multiple-choice assessments or quiz questions to bolster student learning. Furthermore, LMS designers and CIOs can program these bots to give messages of encouragement, address students by name, and explain questions that a student answers incorrectly.


5.) Retrieve Information and Data

Finally, a chatbot can manage immense amounts of data and share it with students, parents, and staff. And its database grows with each new question asked. Therefore, chatbots can analyze the information and data flowing through an LMS or another academic data platform. For instance, a bot can recognize if a topic is being discussed or not by students or parents. Therefore, it helps leaders to determine the right decision for business matters.


In summary, AI chatbots store various data and share it through human-like conversations. K-12 providers and colleges can utilize these bots to benefit students, parents, instructors, and staff in many ways, including these five features.

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