Victoria Woodhull: Breaking the Glass Ceiling


woman breaking glass ceiling

USA Today is running an article entitled, “First Woman to Run for President – ‘Mrs. Satan’ – Was No Hillary Clinton.” The article begins, “HOMER, Ohio — This, according to Hillary Clinton, is where the movement to shatter the “highest, hardest glass ceiling’’ — the presidency — got started.It began with Victoria Woodhull, who was born here in 1838 and 34 years later became the first woman to run for president.”

The article continues, “In 1872, Woodhull never had a chance. She couldn’t (as a woman) vote for herself. If elected she’d have been too young, under the Constitution, to serve. She got only a handful of votes (even her running mate, Frederick Douglass, voted for President Ulysses Grant). On Election Day she was in jail for slandering the nation’s most famous preacher.”


Read the article here.


Questions for Discussion:


1. What does the term “glass ceiling” mean? Do you think that it really exists? Why or why not? Do you think that groups instead of/in addition to women are affected by a glass ceiling? Explain!

2. Do you think that Hillary Clinton should pay a debt of gratitude to Victoria Woodhull? Why/why not? Should all woman pay this debt of gratitude? What about men? Explain! How could this debt be paid?

3. What are the similarities and differences between libraries and classrooms? Which do you prefer to learn in? Why?

4. What does it mean to be a pioneer for a cause? For what one cause would you like to be a pioneer? Why?

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