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eLearning & Production Resources

[Infographic] Engaging eLearning Courses

Course design is a critical factor in determining the quality, quantity, and type of interactivity. Check out this infographic and discover 8 factors that lead to an engaging eLearning course.


[Handout] Types of

Understanding what the different types of animation are can help you plan and decide which type will work best for your course. Animation can be a great learning tool!


[Article] Assessments in eLearning

Assessment is an essential part of any course. Discover how to create useful assessments that complement your coursework and provide meaningful learning experiences.


[Brief] Developing a Micro-Masters Course

A micro-masters course should be designed with the mindset that you are taking the learner to a higher elevation. Here are 9 considerations when developing your course!


[Infographic] Creating High-Quality Art

What do you need to take into account when preparing to create high-quality art to support learning? Download this infographic that is a handy resource for answering your questions.


[Video] The Benefits of

MOOC, the web-based distance-learning course, is becoming the future of higher education. This short video describes the benefits of MOOCs to students and institutions.


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~ Lt. Michele Sosinski, Michigan State Police

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