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Politico is running an article entitled, “Pence’s Power Play.” The article states, “(Mike Pence) may not have the power or mystique of Dick Cheney, but it’s clear that (he) is already assuming a serious and workmanlike role as vice president-elect, shoring up Trump’s weaknesses in governing and intraparty relationships.”

In comparing Pence to George W. Bush’s vice president, Dick Cheney, the article adds, “Pence, by contrast, is more a creature of the conservative movement than of the corridors of power. He has always described himself as ‘a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order.’ He spent years at a conservative think tank and as a talk radio host before getting elected to Congress in 2000 and serving a rocky term as governor. While well versed in conservative politics and ideas, he lacks Cheney’s command of the executive branch and his “killer instinct,” as one Republican lobbyist put it.”

Read the article here.

Questions for Discussion

  1. What does it mean to be a good partner with somebody? Why does it mean this? Do you think that it is important for people to have partners? Why/why not?
  1. What role will Mike Pence likely play in the Trump administration, while he is vice president? Would you enjoy playing a similar role if you had the opportunity? Why/why not? What role will Donald Trump most likely play? Would you enjoy playing a similar role if you had the opportunity? Why/why not? Is one role more important than the other? Explain!
  1. If you could ask Mike Pence two questions what would you ask him? Why? Based on the information presented in this article, how do you think he might answer? Why?
  1. The article quotes a former Republican aide as saying of Pence, “He’s comfortable at Hillsdale College, but not in a boardroom.” What does this mean? With what kinds of things do you think Mike Pence would be comfortable? With what kinds of things do you think he would not be comfortable? Why do you think that the authors of this article included this quotation?

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