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Content Development Resources

[Brief] Understanding the Curriculum Design Process

How is curriculum designed? What processes need to be in place for the curriculum design process to be as effective as possible? The curriculum design process involves four steps which take information from a subject matter expert and, through multiple iterations, create instruction.


[eBook] Create Excellent Performance-Based Assessments

This eBook provides professional development suggestions to help teachers learn to create high-quality performance-based assessments. Teacher professional development is of increasing interest as one way to support the complex skills students need to succeed in the 21st century.


[Handout] Benefits of Using Performance-Based Assessments

According to Gardner (2006), cognitive research shows that most learning occurs in active rather than passive contexts. Performance-based assessments help students develop skills to use outside of the classroom. This handout discusses how the various student benefits.


[Brief] Making Curriculum Concrete: Lesson Plans and Storyboards

The most brilliant teachers may not need much time to develop their lesson plans; but for the rest of us, it can seem very challenging. Within eLearning, storyboards help bring to life the learning prescribed in your lesson plans .


[Checklist] Evaluating Performance-Based Assessment Items

High-quality performance-based assessment items must be linked to learning objectives, ask students to accomplish realistic tasks, challenge students to consider multiple scenarios, demand high quality reasoning and more.


[Checklist] 6 Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Piece of Alternative-Text

There are several questions a writer should analyze before writing alt-text descriptions. Having the answers to these questions will allow the writer to craft a more effective description. These 6 questions will ensure effective alt-text!


[Article] Creating Quality Educational Content

Although there are seemingly limitless online sources claiming to allow you to create courseware cheaply, easily, and by yourself, the best courses are those created with expert teamwork, continual questioning of assumptions and information. This article discusses the importance of having a great team.


[Article] Integrating Assessment in Instruction

Teachers are always assessing their students, both formally and informally. Whether it is by walking around the class while students are engaged in online work and noticing something that requires intervention or clarification. Assessment helps students improve.


[Case Study] Career and Technical Education

This case study describes the solution we provided to one of our clients to design and develop an eLearning course on labor trafficking. All work that was completed by A Pass had to be approved by the government end-client. Read about how we produced a full-length course in just 1.5 months.


[Video] Alt-Text and
its Importance

For the visually impaired, alt-text descriptions are very important pieces of information. And when these descriptions are well-written, they can provide information just as effectively as the image they describe.

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[Video] Curriculum Development Process

How do you develop a curriculum from start to finish? This iterative process is a collaborative effort between a SME and ID. This video walks you through the four steps of curriculum development.

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[Video] Instructional Design Process

The instructional design process identifies the knowledge and skills a learner needs, and creates engaging instruction that aligns with learning objectives. Instructional design is a cyclical process.

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I sincerely cannot think of a way for improvement; I was very pleased with the work. Good educational text writers and editors are hard to come by. A Pass surpassed my expectations. Some of the things I like so much about working with A Pass is their expertise in the content matter, their adherence to the style guides provided, and their knowledge of the state standards and core curriculums.

~ Jessi Paladini, Mastery Education

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