4 Activities to Include in Science Courses



boys examining glass jar with magnifier as part of science courses

Science courses should include activities that help students better understand the nature of science. What is the nature of science? In a nutshell, it’s a way of knowing about the natural world based on evidence which can change as new evidence arises. With this in mind, here are four types of activities which every science course writer can use.

  1.  Detective Work. Who doesn’t like a good mystery? Engage your students, young and old, in learning how to revise their ideas as new evidence is discovered by including one or more of the following activities. Kindergarten or young students? Try identifying mystery footprints  or asking questions about an object you put into a black box.

For older students, make sure you stress the importance of alternative explanations. Create a scenario by examining dinosaur tracks  or a set of checks checks. College or graduate level? Use this Laetoli Trackway Puzzle.

Looking for methods to teach the importance of models and gaining evidence from that which you can’t see—like an atom? Purchase or make a “Think” Tube or Mystery Box.

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